Here at Modern Harvest we started our journey into the world of hemp and natural health and wellness products years ago. I’ve had the pleasure of traveling the world and seeing how different cultures use the power of mother nature to stay healthy in many different aspects. Being able to learn from these cultures was an eye opening experience that ignited a spark that grew bigger and brighter over the years. The dream to be able to grow, teach, and bring natural health products to our community grew into what we are today.

Our team has dedicated much of its time over the past few years to hemp and CBD production and research. With years of research, processing knowledge, and formula development we can bring the best quality products to market at affordable prices for the people who need them. While many companies will come and go in the evolving hemp market, we are invested in our communities growth and health for the long haul. We hold high standards for production and testing to ensure consistency and quality in a constantly evolving market.